Ramblers Trophy - Join here to receive your passport

Ramblers Trophy - Join here to receive your passport


We are introducing a new competition for the Vets for 2020 called the WGGC Vets Ramblers Trophy which will be 5 stableford rounds played at your own convenience at five designated clubs between February and October 2020 & 2021 (due to Covid-19, the date has been extended). You may play Stroke or Stableford but it is the stableford score that will be recorded. If this competition proves popular it will be held annually but the participating clubs will change from year to year. Following is further information.

  • The winner will have the best aggregate score of 5 Stableford rounds played at the following clubs:  Parkwood, Tallebudgera(Coplicks), Tally Valley, Canungra and Boomerang Farm.
  • The rounds can be played at anytime and in any order between February 1st and October 31st of each year.
  • Entry to this competition is a one off $10.00 payable to WGGC.
  • Upon payment of the entry fee participants will receive a competition ‘passport’ to be signed and dated and scores recorded by a member of the participating club on the day of play.
  • As this competition is to be played at smaller clubs there will be no problems fitting into the field on any ladies comp. day with the exception of Parkwood so get in there early.
  • Each player is responsible for booking their own tee times and paying their own green fees, comp fees and cart hire. The costs at each club are in the passport ($10 to $28 for green fees).
  • Practice rounds may be played before the designated round but must be declared as such before commencement of play to prevent cherry picking scores.
  • Designated rounds must be declared before start of play at all clubs, including your own if it is a participating club, and may not be cancelled if you happen to have a bad round.
  • You must have a local member playing in your group and this local member will be required to sign and date your competition ‘passport’ as well as your score card for that round.#
  • If you are disqualified due to inclement weather or illness a make up game may be played.
  • If you are disqualified due to an infringement of rules your score will be zero for this round.
  • If you do not complete the five rounds no fees will be refunded.
  • The current Rules of Golf and local rules will apply.
  • Daily handicaps will apply.
  • There will be no representative of WGGC at any club on any day of this competition.
  • There will be no catering or raffles etc arranged by WGGC on any day of this competition.
  • Winners and Runners Up will be awarded in 3 divisions (0-20, 21-29 and 30 – 45) your division being the one in which most of your games were played.
  • When all five rounds have been played your competition ‘passport’ must be handed to the Vets Rep of WGGC either in person, by mail or through your captain. When each entrant’s passport has been completed and handed in the winners will be established and notified by phone or email.
  • Presentation will take place at the end of year Christmas Vets event.

# Should you forget to take your passport with you or if you mislay it, the pro-shop at each of the participating clubs has a copy of the score sheet on the back of their laminated information sheet. Have it photocopied and signed for that round and further rounds if necessary.

For further information about this event contact

Chair of Vets, Dianne Tosh on 0414 451 183 or vets@wggc.com.au

Event Properties

Event Date 31-10-2021 7:00 am
Registration Start Date 20-01-2020
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 23
Individual Price $10.00
Created By Clare Kirby
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